Wedding Cake Alternatives


Wedding cakes are almost as old as the ritual they were crafted to celebrate. Towers of confection covered in creams and icing were and will continue to be a highlight of anyone’s nuptials. But for some, this tradition seems dated and needs a lighter, modern, or more accessible approach. So here are some of the beautiful creations we believe are beautiful alternatives to the traditional gâteau de mariage.


Embellished & Decorative Doughnuts.

Powdered Chocolate Truffles

Macaron Croquembouche via Laduree

Choux Pastry Tart via Laduree

Monogrammed Petit Fours

Cream Puffs (Which can also be assembled into a croquembouche as pictured above!)

Embellished Popsicles


Bedecked Chocolate Covered Strawberries

Choux Puff Pastry

Cheese Tower with Fruit

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