The 8 Things You Need to Do if You Lost Your Wedding Venue


What do you do when the venue you loved and booked falls, through? A complete nightmare, but this happens more often than you might expect.

Cancellations happen for many reasons. From natural disasters, think the hurricane’s effect on Puerto Rico to unexpected financial ruin, think Alfred Angelo. Venues can and will cancel. So what do you do when the invitations have gone out and your perfect day is now a debacle?

Keep reading for Tami B’s tips on things you can do to save the day.

  • Enlist the help of a wedding planner. If you have not hired a planner from the onset, it’s not too late. An experienced planner should have a list of emergency vendors readily available.
  • Consider doubling your reception space as a ceremony site, also. If you were hosting your reception at a hotel or hall, check with the event managers about booking an additional room to hold your ceremony. Some reception sites may have a garden, rooftop space, or something similar that can you can rent for your celebration.
  • Check your social circles. Seek out relatives or friends with properties (or knowledge of spaces) available to accommodate your event at the last minute. If you choose your buddy’s backyard, consider renting a canopy or tent just in case it rains.

If you have to switch venues and the invitations have gone out. Don’t panic, develop a communications plan.  When you’re in a time crunch, a clear communications plan will help get the word out to people on your guest list.

  • Log in and spread the word. Use websites like for sending new invites in a beautiful, yet quick and affordable way. Social media sites like Facebook allow users to create private events listing all of the further details, including directions. Since people no longer have an invitation to refer to on the wedding day, Facebook is easy to pull up on a smartphone for a quick and handy reference.
  • Phone a friend. The oldest, most cost-effective, and easiest method of spreading the news is to pick up the phone and call your guests. If there are any questions or concerns with your new location, you can address them on the spot.

A few last things to consider…

  • Review your contracts. Check for clauses regarding cancellations and refunds. If you took out wedding insurance, be sure to review your policy. Some carriers may consider this type of situation a loss.
  • Reach out to your vendors. Call or email your photographer, baker, florists, etc. You want to make sure they have the new location information for delivery arrangements.
  • Lastly, try to stay calm. Cry if you need to get it out. You earned the opportunity. But, remember that as long as your other half is there, all is well. In 30 years this will be a great story to share with your grandchildren.

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