The 100% FREE mini-course for wedding entrepreneurs who want to skyrocket their wedding business, and have more free time before the next wedding season. 

Five impactful lessons packed with value. 

I’m Tami B, and I’ve gone through a lot of trial and error over the years building a business and managing my growing family. 

I want to take you through the process of creating easy-to-use systems and processes specifically for the wedding entrepreneur—not the creative business owner category that most guides try to dump us into—and I want to do it for free. 

If the current season has you questioning your career choices and rethinking this whole wedding-business-thing, you’ve come to the right place.  

  These systems and tools can help you organize your business and workflow so you can get back to loving your wedding business while freeing up more time for the fam. Even if you want to simplify some of your daily activities or learn how to use a few of the tech systems your competitors are using to maintain your competitive advantage. 

So, what does this 5-day course on creating systems to skyrocket your wedding business include?  

Great question, girlfriend. Let me break down the lessons for you.  

  • Clear the clutter and noise from the past season and get a new mental mindset for the season ahead.  
  • Set clear goals for 2018 and gain clarity on how to crush each and every one.  
  • Get my personal list of apps that I can’t live without—the ones that help me keep my sanity in check.  
  • The blueprint for creating a customized workflow system tailored to your business. And my secret weapon for staying on task all the time.  

And, how does this mini-course on wedding business systems work?

Well, that another great question! Every day (for five days) starting the day you sign up and confirm your subscription, you will get a lesson delivered to your inbox.  

And, since the course arrives directly in your inbox, you get lifetime access to the lessons so that you can keep going back to them whenever you need a refresher.