Be Good to Your Guests


During the wedding planning process, it can be easy for a bride and groom to get somewhat lost in the larger details of the process and forget about details that make or break your guest experience.  I often encourage my couples to consider their wedding as a very large dinner party that they are hosting in their home.  The same rules and concessions apply.  Today we address just a of few of our philosophies on hosting and “Being good to your guests!

Fare Play

Selection of the dinner menu should be where a reasonable amount of consideration should be given to guest needs.  Spend time thinking about your group, asking yourselves questions like what types of restaurants do most of our guests enjoy?  This is a valuable question because you don’t want to create a menu that guests may not be into.  For example, if the majority of the guests are from the deep south and primarily enjoy very heavy, comforting southern food – selecting a Mediterranean style menu may not be the best option for your guests.  Many of them may leave hungry and your per plate costs become a waste.

To make sure your guests are pleased with the menu and you don’t waste money – think “familiar presentation”.  Present foods that your guests will be comfortable and happy with, but presented in an unique manner.    Your guest will enjoy the meal and you will be thanked for the lovely meal as though you prepared it yourself.

Bar  Please


The type of bar is another decision where the guest experience should be highly considered!  If you wouldn’t ask your Aunt Susie to pay $8 for a glass of wine at the family cookout or Thanksgiving dinner that you’re hosting – you shouldn’t as her to pay for it at your wedding.  Though the cost of the bar can be a significant cost of up to $50 or more per person, being a good host means figuring out how to take care of your guests.  Finding a bar option that works well for your group, budget, and experience will for surely be appreciated.

 Likewise, paying for parking will save your guests the hassle of being ill-prepared to pay for parking.

Say Hello and Thank You!

Since the days of the receiving line are practically over, making a point to go around to each table and person and even taking a quick “us-ie” with guests who request it will allow your guest to shower you with congratulations, and will more importantly let them know that you appreciate them coming and sharing in your big day!  In addition to the “Thank you” on the wedding day – be quick to send out Thank you cards – a hand written note expressing your gratitude for their presence and /or  gift is a lost gesture that your guests will truly treasure.  Design the thank you card with photos of the wedding day as a great way to share photos with the guests.

Receiving a wedding invitation is always exciting – having hosts who have thought of you in their planning is even better!  Happy Hosting!!

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