A Virtuous Dress


It is a truth and tradition universally acknowledged, that a woman intent on making a good societal impression must wear white on her wedding day. (JA)  And through the years, the reasoning for this tradition has danced around the symbolism of virtue.  However, what many don’t know, is that the idea of a white wedding has nothing to do with a woman’s virtue.  In 1840, when Queen Victoria married Prince Albert she decided to don a lavish white satin dress trimmed in lace.  Her gown was immortalized in paintings and later photographed, and the world took notice.

Victoria’s Dress from The Young Victoria


Before her, the common folk wore their best clothes for their wedding day, as no one could afford to commission a dress much less something in such a pure color that would easily show signs of wear and soil. And royalty wore bright colors made of lavish fabrics with beautiful stitching often trimmed in ermine.  Today, we see more women deviating from this old practice and setting the fashion world on fire with their lively layers of silk and tulle in shades other than white. Here are some of the beautiful creations that have floated around in the past few years.

Mona Lisa by Sarah Nouri


Mila by Marlo Ford

Joelle by Vera Wang

Tanya Kochnova


Vera Wang

Long gone are the days of old when societal demands moved women to follow baseless traditions created long before their days. Times have changed and thankfully fashion has moved with it. So here’s to the next two hundred years of bridal fashion; may we see more lace, tulle, and vibrant colors to match the passions and spirits of the women it will adorn!

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