6 Simple Steps toward Your Best Wedding Season


As the wedding season winds down at the end of November, the engagement season will begin again. Before moving forward, let’s detox from the previous wedding season and mentally prepare for the season ahead.

Keep reading for my six simple steps for your best wedding season, yet.

Step One: Celebrate your successes. You did it! Pop the champagne or if you’re a coffee drinker like me, grab your favorite cup of joe, and let’s toast to the wins of the wedding season. Whether the year was great or not, you made it through, and you’re reading this blog post which means you want to continue on this wedpreneur journey.

Step Two: Express Gratitude. If you journal, jot down all the things you were grateful for this season. If you’re not a writer, just give some thought to all the new clients, vendor collections, successful events, and even that one thing that went right that could’ve gone wrong—list them all. Practicing gratitude improve health and mental strength.

Step Three: Let go and forgive. Let go of any mishaps, complaints, or doubtful thoughts you may have left over from the wedding season. Forgive anybody that may have rubbed you the wrong way and free yourself some those toxic emotions.

Step Four: Clean up and clear out: Physically archive files and events from the past. Clear your desk and make room for new business. Update your database with birthdays, anniversaries, and new mailing addresses for newlyweds. The time to send Holiday cards will be here before you know it.

Step Five: Give Thanks. Send thank you notes to your clients and vendor friends. This is extremely important to stay top of mind for referrals.

Step Six: Time to collect. This is a great time to request reviews and photos from your clients. Start to collect these items, then refresh your site and update profiles on WeddingWire and The Knot.

Whether the 2017 wedding season was a good one or a bad one, you’ve made it through. These simple steps can help you cap off the season and change your mindset to make the 2018 wedding season your best one, yet.

We would love to hear from you! What rituals do you do every year to cap off the season? How do you ensure the following year will be a great one?

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